Flip #2

Aged Bathroom Countertop Dilemma

In the first Bachelorette Pad flip, there were some dated bathroom countertops. Luckily, it was a fairly easy & inexpensive fix. Most big box construction stores carry pre-cut marble, granite, and even solid surface countertops for bathrooms. I was fortunate enough to find a pre-cut granite countertop at a discount home store. For less than $150, I had a brand new granite countertop with underlay sink. They had different granite choices, but I chose the most neutral (I believe it was called Desert Gold).

photo-536My plan for Bachelorette Pad #2 was to do the exact same thing. The marble countertops were an ugly avocado green & dirty gold. While the marble was solid, it was severely dated. I had every intention of salvaging everything except for those countertops. So I trekked out to the home stores and made a harsh discovery. The countertops are authentic 1975 not just in color, but in size. Dated countertops are usually around 45″ in width. The pre-made countertops have not been made in 45″ width in decades which means I can’t purchase a pre-made countertop for either vanity. If you recall, these are the original countertops:IMG_4648

IMG_4643Like I’ve said before, kitchen and baths sell a house, so sink your money there. My problem is that my budget is already super tight, so I had to figure out a way to transform these bathrooms into this millennium while also being budget friendly. I did find a special order vanity in 45″ that is AH-MAZING. It’s about five times more than I had allocated for the countertop, but it screams modern and clean design. I can’t afford two of those vanities, so my plan is to bite to the bullet for the master bathroom. Since that is typically the bathroom the owners spend the most time in, I want it to be relaxing and modern. So my plan is to order this vanity with the gorgeous marble countertop:

IMG_5580So the plan for the hall bathroom vanity is to work with what I’ve got. I plan on leaving the vanity as it is, but applying a coat of polyurethane. I’ll add new hardware in a modern chrome finish. As for the countertop, I’m leaving that ugly marble. BUT, I’m having it professionally painted. There is a local company that paints tubs, showers, marble countertops, etc. My parents have used this company before, and they do great work. I plan on having it painted a crisp white. I’ll then add tile backsplash. The only adverse effect of painting rather than replacing is that it could show wear and tear after a while. Painting the countertop is a short-term fix, but since very few people will use that bathroom, I’m not concerned about over wear and tear while I’ve living here.





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