Flip #2

Kitchen Upgrades

There are two main areas that sell a house: kitchen and baths. Those are the areas to sink your money. If you recall, I had some pretty awesome Harvest Gold appliances in the kitchen. While they all still worked just fine, no buyer was going to walk in and be impressed by retro appliances. Since the cabinets are a dark stain, black appliances would not help to brighten the room. White appliances would lighten them, but I think white appliances should only be used with white cabinets. I chose stainless steel appliances, and most buyers are looking for those now anyway. My first change was to change out the dishwasher. I searched clearance aisles, sale ads, and closeout stores for a steal on a dishwasher. I finally found one on sale at Lowe’s and got some additional discounts. It’s a high-end dishwasher which will definitely appeal to buyers!ImageAfter my handyman removed the old dishwasher, my new one was installed. There are certain projects I don’t trust myself with and removing and installing appliances is one of them.


Next on my agenda was to get that retro sink removed. It was an extra long length with three pockets, rather than the typical two. I was able to score a thrifty find stainless steel sink for practically nothing. While the new sink was smaller in width, it looked more modern & provided more countertop space. In addition, the original faucet was just awful.Image

The original sink was a HEAVY cast-iron. I was able to resell it online for more than I paid for my new sink and part of the cost of the new faucet. While I was able to score a thrifty “new” sink, I wasn’t so lucky with faucets. The prices of faucets are just outrageous to me. I bought the cheapest one that still looked like an upgrade. So far, I’m happy with it.Image

Lastly, I needed to purchase a new range. There was no existing range in the home. I was able to hit up an appliance sale at Sear’s, and I had a coupon, so I was able to get a good deal! ImageThe kitchen also had a Harvest Gold trash compactor. I had no desire to purchase a new one of those, but I do have a possible alternative for that hole in the cabinet. Stay tuned!


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