Flip #2

Unplanned Surprises

House Flipping 101: Expect the unexpected. Most of the time, the unexpected is not good. While it’s not fun to discover drains need replaced or wiring is dated, that isn’t anyone’s fault. So I don’t mind those surprises (too much). But when the unexpected surprises are someone’s fault and could be avoided, then I’m far from calm. Such was the case with this house. I hired a guy I have used before to create a very cool wooden cabinet for the entry way. He does terrific wood work, so I was excited to see the finish product. Unfortunately, we  didn’t make it to the cabinet stage. This is what the room looked like before (except I had all the wood from the cage removed):ImageAs you can see, there is still carpet & paneling. While I was contemplating a removal of the paneling, I had not committed to that, nor had I hired this guy to do anything with the paneling. After one day’s work, this is what I came back to find:ImageImageImageUnfortunately, “Build me a cabinet” translated into “Rip out all of my paneling, sheetrock, and carpet…and don’t do anything about a cabinet.” Needless to say, I was not happy. After he and I had several heated discussions, I decided I had to fire him. Luckily, the other House Flipping 101: Never pay until you’re 100% happy is my motto. I hadn’t paid him a dime. But I ended up having to pay quite a bit extra to have brand new sheetrock installed.ImageIt’s not fun having a big blow to your budget when it could have been easily avoided. On the brighter side, I do love the new sheetrock and texture. I chose an orange peel because it’s a more subtle texture. Now that the wooden cage, paneling, and carpet is removed, the room already looks SO different!ImageImageImage


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