Flip #2

The New Countertops

After all of the ugly countertops were removed, it was time to install the new ones. There are some projects better left to a professional- installing countertops is one of them. I have used the same guy on each flip, and I continue to stay very satisfied with his work. Since my cabinets are so dark, I knew I needed a light colored countertop. I also knew I wanted a laminate (due to budget) that would mimic a solid surface. As a reminder, the kitchen countertops started off like this:ImageImage

After searching online & in stores, I found the perfect laminate for the kitchen. I chose Wilson Art’s Calcutta Marble. It’s a faux marble appearance with a white background but a marble design. I think it really makes the kitchen less dark and more modern.


ImageImageThe kitchen was so dark and dated originally, and it was in desperate need of color, light, and new appliances.  With all stainless appliances, light color paint, tile, and countertops, as well as a new light fixture, I think it won’t look so much like a dungeon. Clearly, I still have a lot more to do on the kitchen, but the countertops were a big step in the transformation process.ImageI am fortunate that this house has a HUGE laundry room and has several built-in cabinets and a sink area. Since the laundry room & kitchen connect, I decided to use the same countertops. I am very happy with the design of the Calcutta Marble and love the price of laminate! Just to show you the transformation, here is a before and after of the countertops:



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