Flip #2

Saying Goodbye to the Cage

If you recall, Bachelorette Pad #2 came with its own dungeon. A large dungeon. The primary entertaining room actually serves as a formal dining room, living room, & entry way. Three rooms in one large room. Thus the purpose of the awful paneled cage. If you recall, this is how the cage looked the day I bought the house:


The existence of the cage made the room look SO small. While it did help to define the space, it greatly diminished the usable space. I started by removing all the wood panels. I used a pry bar which allowed for an easy removal. Beneath the panels, there was sheetrock and several 2x4s creating the cage frame.


After I carefully removed the wood panels (later sold them online!), I also ripped out all the sheetrock. I was left with the 2×4 frame. In between the frame, there was a lot of wiring that went to the outlets that were present in the cage. All of the wires came from the ceiling/attic. Since I was removing the entire cage, I no longer needed those outlets. I made sure the power was turned off and then cut the wires from the ceiling.


The top portion of the cage had several spindles. I wanted to keep those in tact during the removal process (I later sold them online too!), so I didn’t take the sledge hammer to those. Instead, I rocked the wooden frame back and forth to loosen the joints. Once it was loose, I was able to just slide the spindles out of place.

ImageAfter several hours, I had the entire cage disassembled and removed from the house. Just by removing that large divider, it opened up the room so much. While I’m glad that the cage is gone, I now have to scramble to find a way to define each of the three rooms in that large area. I’m hoping to stumble on some thrifty find!


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