Flip #1

Moving Day…Kind of

Bachelorette Pad #1 is all packed up and ready to go (for the most part). I rented a POD instead of trying to convince friends and friends’ husbands to waste a day moving me. It seemed a lot more convenient to just pack up the POD and then the company actually transports it to the new location. We got the POD packed up this week in anticipation of a June 3 closing on both Bachelorette Pad #1 and Bachelorette Pad #2, and the POD was set to be moved on the afternoon of June 3.


My family, and especially my youngest nephew, really helped get all the big stuff loaded in the POD. We spent several hours getting it all situated and tied down to avoid damage during the moving process. I opted to leave my dishes and other valuable/sentimental items out of the POD and move them myself. As of right now, Bachelorette Pad #1 has a mattress, two chairs, and boxes in it. No refrigerator. No washer or dryer. The TV is on the floor. I have no tables. But until June 3, those are minor inconveniences considering how I was living the entire first year. Unfortunately, we got the call today that June 3 is most likely not going to be the closing date on Bachelorette #1. My buyers are having funding issues, so we are starting the process all over.


Since they are applying for a new loan, we have to have a new appraisal. And getting an appraisal scheduled is not a quick task. I actually leave for vacation next week, and I’d love to have both properties closed before I leave. However, we just aren’t sure that will happen. Worst case scenario is that we close at the end of June. While I live in the house without a fridge, washer/dryer, table, and other amenities.


So as of right now, I have a huge POD in my driveway (so I can barely park at the end of it), and I don’t have a date to move it yet. One thing I know about real estate investment is that it’s not for those that lack extreme patience. We had a few hiccups on Bachelorette Pad #2 because of the seller, and just as that stress was over came the stress of Bachelorette Pad #1. In the end, I know we’ll get both of the properties sold, but it might just not be on my timeline.



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