Flip #2

The First Purchase



Even though I haven’t closed on Bachelorette Pad #2 yet, I have made a few purchases for the house. I went into Lowe’s to price cabinet pulls and discovered they were having a huge clearance sale. I snagged two ceiling fans that are identical to one I used at the last house. I scored those for less than half price.  I also found a silver light fixture which I plan to use in one of the bathrooms.

My next purchase was a second-hand purchase. I got a stainless steel sink and kitchen faucet for $30. Since I plan to say goodbye to the Harvest Gold sink, I think the stainless steel sink will look a lot better. The faucet isn’t a satin nickel, so I’ll see how they look next to the cabinet pulls. Worst case scenario if they don’t match, I’ll resale the faucet and find another inexpensive faucet.

Now that I’ve made some purchases for the house, I’m getting more and more excited to start this renovation. I’m ready to start the destruction phase!


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