Flip #2

Bachelorette Pad #2: Kitchen Design Plans

I have a clear vision of what I want the kitchen to look like. Its current 1970’s vibe is not my style, but I think it’ll be a pretty easy process in transforming it to the modern century. I actually really like the stain color on the cabinets. I will probably add a coat of polyurethane to shine them up. I do plan to remove that extra layer of counter space on the peninsula because that’s a dated design, and I’m hoping that will be an easy process.


My primary changes are:


1. I wanted Satin Nickel bar pulls for the cabinets. I priced them at Lowe’s and they retail for $5.97 EACH. So I did a little Google research. I found these identical cabinet pulls for $1.84 each.

2. I will be using laminate countertops again. I was happy with the last Formica countertop. If my budget (and the comps) allowed for a solid surface countertop or marble, I’d choose that. I like the look of marble countertops. I plan to use Wilsonart Laminate in Calcutta Marble. It’s a gray/white like real marble but has accents of dark beige that will match the cabinets.

3. For my backsplash, I plan to use white glossy subway tile. Besides the fact that it’s incredibly cheap, I think it looks clean and modern.

4. I will be saying adios to all those Harvest Gold appliances and replacing them with stainless steel appliances.

As I was researching my countertops online, I discovered a lady’s blog that is all things DIY. She completely remodeled her kitchen and the final product is almost identical to my vision for the new kitchen. She even used the same countertops. The only thing I have not decided on, though, is what kind of flooring I’ll go with. I can’t compete with the marble design of the countertops, not too dark because of the cabinets, and not sure what accent color I could use.


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