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Updating Electrical Outlets

One of those little details that can really distract from a room makeover is a smoker-white electrical outlet. All of the original outlets were smoker white. Since I painted the trim a crisp white, the smoker-white outlets really clashed.


Replacing electrical outlets is really not a huge process.  The outlet plate is inexpensive, as is the outlet itself. There is minor electrical work that is needed to replace them though. I had zero knowledge of how to do that, so I had a friend begin the process of replacing the outlets.


Total cost to replace each outlet is about $3. The only problem with me having zero electrical knowledge is that I had to always wait on my friend to find time to help. I needed an alternative that I could do myself, and I discovered a neat (and cheaper) option. There are actually outlet covers that require no electrical knowledge and retail for about $2.25 each.

To install them, you remove the old outlet plate cover then line up the new cover over the outlet holes and using the screw that comes with the cover, screw it tightly over the old plate. What is different is that the plate cover doesn’t have two large openings for the outlet since you’re trying to cover up the old outlet.


Installation was incredibly easy and something someone that is ignorant of electrical work could do. My only advice is that it’s necessary to make sure you have securely screwed in the cover tightly or else when you’re curling your hair, the cord will fall out. Trust me, I know from experience.


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