Flip #2

Bachelorette Pad #2: Kitchen Design Plans

I have a clear vision of what I want the kitchen to look like. Its current 1970’s vibe is not my style, but I think it’ll be a pretty easy process in transforming it to the modern century. I actually really like the stain color on the cabinets. I will probably add a coat of… Continue reading Bachelorette Pad #2: Kitchen Design Plans

Flip #2

The Newest Bachelorette Pad

I am three weeks away from closing on Bachelorette Pad #1. On that same day (hopefully), I’ll be closing on Bachelorette Pad #2. The latest Bachelorette Pad, also known as the 70s Love Shack, is about 45 minutes away from the first flip. While Bachelorette Pad #1 was in a quiet, peaceful setting, the newest… Continue reading The Newest Bachelorette Pad

Flip #1

Bachelorette Pad #1: Small changes

I mentioned that the previous owners must be pretty patriotic because much of the house was designed with red/white/blue. The exterior was a blue trim and the front door was a bright red. I actually liked the front door, but I hated the color. It clashed quite a bit with the blue trim. I selected… Continue reading Bachelorette Pad #1: Small changes