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Mac Staging & Design

Bringing affordable staging & design services to clients not only in Northwest Arkansas, but through e-consults, design services are accessible anywhere! Experienced in both construction, design, and real estate, Jennifer brings a unique approach to designing & staging a home to sell and bring top dollar. Various packages and consults are available to fit any budget or home!

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Bachelorette Pad Flip

As a seasoned house flipper, Jenn has successfully completed seven home renovations. From initial design, DIY projects, overseeing labor, staging, and all the little details in between, Jenn is there documenting every step of the house flipping journey. Her latest venture, Airbnb hosting, will be featured throughout the blog for readers to be inspired to tackle another avenue of real estate investing.

What initially started as a journey to pay off $70,000 in student loan debt quickly transformed into not only a career but a passion! With all $70,000 of student loan debt paid off thanks to house flipping, Jenn has utilized the forum of the Bachelorette Pad Flip to inspire design, real estate investing & home ownership, as well as DIY projects.

Making Neglected Homes Beautiful

“Some people look for a beautiful place; others make a place beautiful.” -Hazrat Khan

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